A Dream

7 Months of Searching for my Dream

To Dream or Not to Dream?

Seven months ago, I lost my dream job, and it feels like a lifetime. Let’s face it, there may not really be any such thing as a dream job. Should there be? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. My best answer is… I don’t know. I mean if you have your dream job doesn’t that mean you have something you can lose yourself in? Isn’t a dream the culmination of all that makes a person, themselves? As a father, husband and Christian, should I not strive for more in life than fulfilling work? Should our work be a means to an end or should we strive for fulfilling work so that we can have happiness in our lives? Perhaps, our happiness should be in serving others through our work versus the actual work itself?


So many questions and so few answers. I had my dream job. I had my dream job taken away. That shook the very foundation of my being because it made me second guess everything. Not just stuff like the loyalty that companies show employees. In this day and age, of high profits and higher expectations, I had to think twice about my abilities. I searched my soul for answers to questions like, am I good enough? Should I be trying to go after jobs that I have been going after? Should I just go find a job a McDonalds or Wal Mart? How did I get in this position? How do I prevent this from happening again in the future?

No Answers

I will admit for most of these, I just don’t have an answer. I do know that I have spent way too much time in my working and learning to just give up on what I have built for myself so far. No I don’t believe that I should just forget living my work dream. I do believe that I can be a great father, husband and Christian all while having and living my career dreams. I believe that, in order, to be whole and fulfilled in life you must be fulfilled in your career goals.


You see I believe that being satisfied and fulfilled in my career I am a better father, husband and Christian. You see as a father I want to teach my children to work and to achieve their goals and dreams for their life. I want to teach them that you can achieve anything in life, no matter where you came from if you are smart, persistent and work hard. I am a better husband if I live my work dreams because I can do the things for my wife that I want to do, like the occasional dinner out or a vacation that she deserves so very much for putting her life on hold to raise our children. As a Christian, I am better when I am living my dream because I can help to further gospel of Christ through financial donation and volunteer efforts because everything takes money and if I have money I can donate it to help.


As for the other questions, I have been through a gambit of emotions since my layoff. Some good, some bad, some neither. I have doubted myself and felt good about things. The most important part of my time off though has been that I have spent time with my family and I have spent time bettering myself for when I do find another job. I have worked on furthering my education and getting certifications that I may have only dreamed of before. It has also been good for me to understand that while I can’t count on my employer for everything, I can count on myself and my family. My time off has been difficult, it will continue to be difficult, but the old saying, whatever doesn’t kill you makes your stronger is true. I am living proof. Key word there is “LIVING”. Having a great month, remember to love on your family don’t forget to live a little.

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