Connector – #BEASTMODELIFE Lesson #6

Principle #6 – Be A Connector

Definition of connector – intransitive verb: to have or establish a rapport – tried to connect with the younger generation. One of the things that I have witnessed on LinkedIn is the sudden outbreak of people who are working to help each others build their networks. Growing your network can have very positive effects on a network and on the person who builds a network. I call these people “connectors” because of their willingness to help others to reach the heights they have reached. That greatness of a large network on LinkedIn is that people a generally willing to help with anything you need, within reason. This is the #winwin mentality that everyone is talking about.

Join a Group… It’s worth it

I have in recent months became a part of groups like #SPN and #projecthelpyougrow. Both of which work within the idea that everyone needs help and everyone in the group should be willing to offer that help. I have recently experienced the willingness of people from both of those groups who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I think there is a real movement, a revolution of sorts in the way that people act and react on LinkedIn. People are really coming together and yes they are building networks and networking. More than that, they a creating honest to goodness relationships. Relationships without geographic, political, racial or religious boundaries. I believe that the way that we do connections and networking on LinkedIn today goes far beyond what the founders envisioned. This is because of the vision of a few people to build up their networks for something more than just selling their ”stuff”, on LinkedIn .

This is #NETWORKING!!!!

Vince Lee - Connector

Vince Lee – Connector

This is the way social media should be done. This is #NETWORKING!!!!. All because a few people decided to do something different and be a #connector. I just want to say thanks to @Vince Lee, he is where I first saw the word #connector on his profile and that gave me the idea of putting it into my list.

Thanks, @Vince Lee


By tomorrow let me know how many new connection requests you have received and how many people commented on your comment. Remember to employ all the principles I have written about so far when you comment and bring value to the people you interact with. If there is no value in your comments, then you just wasted time and energy.

If you have not done so by now – Join the following groups to see what other successful LinkedIn folks are doing.

You can find Tony DeGonia on LinkedIn and on his website

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