Cover Letter

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have a great deal of interest in your open position.

Just a little about me. I am a hardworking, no nonsense, experienced Sales Engineer that is constantly striving to learn more and become better, faster and stronger. I guess you could say I am a life-long learner though not in a traditional sense. I tend to learn most from those around me so I constantly strive to surround myself with bright, intelligent people whom I can learn from and possibly teach something along the way as well. I believe that knowledge is an asset that is to be shared and that holding on to it only stagnates it and makes it less valuable. I believe that creation comes through ideas and that ideas, the greatest ones, come through the shared knowledge and brain power of open honest and intelligent people, who aren’t afraid to be wrong, make mistakes and ultimately turn those mistakes into the greatest of success. I do not believe that one person holds all the answers and what works once may work again but that there may still be a better way. So now that I am done waxing philosophical let me get down to what you really want to know.

I live technology. I mostly gravitate towards security, of any kind, whether it is Cyber Security, Network Security, Physical Security or the Cloud. I am constantly working on boot camps or self-paced learning modules to educate myself further in one of those domains. While I believe that certifications are good and necessary, at that end of the day person who can get the job done is the best person for the job. Unlike many of the younger generation, just coming out of college, I have a certain experience that enables me to have the confidence to make solid decisions that win not only for technology but for business as well.

I have studied business, both in a college setting as well through years of entrepreneurial experience. I have learned about business when it was all or nothing, if you don’t win, you don’t have dinner that night. I have started two IT firms from the inception, completely bootstrapping one from a single employee (me) to 15 employees across 4 cities throughout the State of Texas. The second start up I founded was with investors that ran for over 5 years and started in the back room of a closed down salon in Tyler, Texas. With the help of my investors, we built that IT firm from 1 employee and 1 customer to a firm that served about 20% of the Law Enforcement Agencies in the State as well as a large number of school districts. We had a fully functional NOC/SOC that was approved and met the guidelines of the FBI CJIS program as well as a small 400 sq/ft data center that housed almost a Petabyte of secure, PII, HIPAA and other related data. We developed our own hybrid cloud product that we produced and deployed to customers across the state that enabled us to set SLAs of 99.99% reliability and 30 minutes response time on Priority 1 tickets. To say the least, we were good at what we did and people started to take notice. We did all of this with less than 20 full time employees and a couple of contractors.

So in closing, what I hope you take away from this letter is that I am a knowledgeable, confident, business minded, sales engineer who believes that great ideas amongst great teams win the day. I know what it is like to win and to lose. Quite honestly, you need both to be successful and you need both to appreciate what you have and where you are at. I thank you for your time and hope to speak with you soon.


Very Best,





Tony DeGonia
469 969 9422