LinkedIn – An Open Letter to My LinkedIn Friends

Good evening to my LinkedIn Family,

I would normally be putting on the finishing touches to another Post in my series “10 steps to success in Life and on LinkedIn” but tonight I decided to do something different. I am going to take tonight and put all my new and old connections to the test a little bit. We all click around on LinkedIn and ask people how we can help them and say things like #Idoitforthelikes or #Iwanttohelp and dozens of other variations. While this is absolutely awesome, I love trying to help others as much as everyone else on here does and probably more than a great number of people. That is okay, everyone has their limits and their abilities.

Tony DeGonia - LinkedIn

Tony DeGonia – LinkedIn

What I am writing about today though are my needs. No, I haven’t suddenly decided to take the selfish road and yes I will continue writing my blog on things like #empathy and #sincerity and #servantleadership.

Great Needs

However, let me tell you about a huge need I have. I have been unemployed for 207 days. For those who don’t get how long that is, it is 6.8 months. My unemployment has ran out, No savings, no retirement, no more cars or any of the cool stuff we all like to have when times are flush…

I have lost it all. I am scheduled to be evicted in about 2-3 weeks from my home of the last 5 years. Of course, I don’t own the home it is a rental and my landlord has been so gracious to have taken care of my rent for the last 4 months plus. He also has taken care of our water and electricity, however, he can’t do it anymore which I totally understand. I have a wife and 3 kids and to top it all off, I have had another family living with us for the last month. They were evicted during a tough time and we could not let them be homeless with the 5 of them. I don’t tell you this for sympathy. I just want you to know that I live what I teach. It is not always easy.

What I need more than anything is a job.

I have been working in Sales Engineering roles for the last several years and can still do tech work, sales and sales engineering as well as being fairly skilled at marketing. I really just need something good to happen for me and my family. This has been worrying me for quite some time. I am not asking for anything other than perhaps a lead or a prayer please. If you say you are going to pray please be for real and I will return the prayer for anyone who responds to this post. Anything anyone can do to help me get back to work would be a huge help. Thank you all for everything, you all have been a highlight in my day and I appreciate all you can and will do. Thanks and have a great evening.

Thanks for reading my post and I will see you down the road.


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