IBM Security QRadar Suite: SIEM + SOAR. Better Together.

I did this 2-page leave-behind as part of my final project at IBM. I have a lot of content I did for IBM, but I can’t post most of it here because the content is fresh and is still being released to the public. I did enjoy working with the technology at IBM. Of all the SIEM/SOAR/MDR platforms I have worked with over the last five years, QRadar was by far the best, most mature security platform I have worked with.

I demo’ed their sub-second event searches and used a few of the integrations in their SaaS platform, including SOAR, Log Insights, and EDR. They are still working on the SaaS-based SIEM. The SOAR features were top-notch and should lead the market through both ease of use and features. I have more content that I did that I know they won’t necessarily be using, and I will post it soon.

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