This is a fictitious network design and proposal for a fictitious towing company by a fictitious technology company based in the Dallas area. I created this design for an interview back in 2017 which resulted in my hire at IndigoVision. Funny story, when I gave this presentation and showed the Sr Sales Director everything he swore up and down that I was starting my own technology company. He almost didn’t make me an offer because of that. It took me almost 30 minutes to convince him that I had only prepared this for the interview that I was in and that I was not starting my company (again). Once we moved past that he loved the presentation and almost hired me on the spot.

Another interesting story about this job and presentation. I lost the original job to another sales engineer and came in a very close second. I waited about two weeks and called the Sr. Director of Sales on the phone to ask him how the new SE hire was working out. He told me that the new guy called him the day before he was supposed to be at work and told him he wasn’t coming. They were about to go through the hiring process again. The second time around I did very well and in the interview process and was offered the position. I did show up for the first day of work in Florida.

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