Jimbob's Towing and Wrecker Service

This is a presentation for a fictitious company called Jimbob's Towing and Wrecker Services and their new network implementation to meet the needs of the Texas Department of Public Safety's vehicle impounding services. This is purely fictitious and was done as a presentation for a job interview.

Cyber Security/Networking Projects

Machol and Johannes – Network Rebuild Design

I have been involved in a number of scenarios where I was able to present solution to technical and non-technical prospective clients alike. Most recently I worked with the IT Director and Senior VP at Machol and Johannes (Attorneys) in Denver CO with 8 locations throughout the US. Scenario: Denver Datacenter (100+ end points) Seattle […]

IP/CCTV Projects

Sheriff’s Office Interview Rooms

Outline of Quote Scenario Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requires new surveillance cameras in their interview rooms. The...
By Tony DeGonia | April 9, 2018 |

High End Liquor and Wine Store and Distributor

The customer is a multilevel Liquor Sales and Distributor. The Customer has multiple entrances which need facial...
By Tony DeGonia | April 9, 2018 |