Patrick Robinson

To whom it may concern,

I met Tony after AT&T had acquired AlienVault. I was an individual contributor to AT&T’s Cybersecurity group at the time.  Over time, I was promoted to Director to run the group specializing in state and local government. Tony moved into the group I managed in 2020. I found him to be exceptional to work with.

Tony is a self-starter. I’d give him a general idea of something we needed, either training tools or technical designs and Tony would take the project on quickly and own it throughout. I never had to wonder if Tony was in charge of the task.

Tony is creative. I had to teach salespeople how to sell cybersecurity technologies in my management role. Tony was my go-to person for innovative and impactful ways to teach a novice about cybersecurity to the point that they could prospect and deliver qualified customers. He also developed sophisticated cybersecurity schematics that rivaled the best I had ever seen.

Tony is customer-centric. Whenever I had a complex or sophisticated customer, I’d bring Tony in first. He has such a customer-centric mindset that he can put them at ease, answer all their questions, and add value by suggesting ideas they had not thought of. He has excellent skills in building trust with the customer.

Tony is reliable. There were many occasions in our dynamic, fast-paced business when I would have to give Tony a general idea of what I wanted and know that he knew what to do. That reliability gave me the confidence to go after more extensive and complex deals.

All-in-all, I enjoyed working, collaborating, and winning business with Tony. I know he will bring these skills and capabilities wherever he goes, and that organization will flourish as a result.


Patrick Robinson
Cybersecurity Advisory Services
P: 469-833-1925
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AT&T Cybersecurity Sales Jul 2014 – Dec 2021
AT&T Cybersecurity Sales Director, SLED Jan 2021 – Jun 2022
Retired from AT&T Jun 2022