Great question, I am glad you asked.

Since September 30, 2023, I have been “A Free Agent”.

This means that I am currently actively searching for new gainful employment. So remember that as you peruse my site and see all the content, if you like it, you could have the creator of all the great content on your team of sales engineers or solutions architects. I would consider coming to a Technical Product Marketing Manager role if it is the right position for me.

On the other hand, I have been keeping active in the industry by doing a few things.

I have been making content for this website and for social media. Most of it is for LinkedIn and X.
I have read industry publications to keep up with the latest threats and breaches.
I have been working out, and fitness helps me stay centered and sane. It’s really easy to fall off the edge worrying about why I am not getting the results I want from my job search right when I want them.

I currently have a series of content covering “Interview Questions and Answers from the Perspective of a Cybersecurity Sales Engineer.” This has been a very interesting video series to make. It has helped someone understand how to handle some of the more interesting questions in a sales engineering interview. This has also allowed me to improve my video editing skills significantly. I look forward to making more of these videos and further educating fellow and aspiring sales engineers.