Well, that is a tough answer to a simple question.

In my latest role with IBM, shortly after I started, there was a major overhaul in the marketing department. Within about six weeks of my start date, there was significant turnover in the upper management ranks of the marketing department. This saw the VP who hired me leave the organization quickly and unexpectedly. The replacement VP was actually onboarded at the same time I did.

Once the new VP was in place and Senior Leadership approved the new marketing structure and hierarchy, the new VP began the unwieldy process of deciding if every single person on the team (roughly 250 people) was the person desired in that position.

When I was offered a position with IBM as a Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, my initial skill set was scrutinized because the hiring team wanted me to do some very specific technical tasks. The primary task was to build out a project with an internal quote from AWS to deploy QRadar in a demonstration environment that the marketing department owned and had 100% control over.

Once the new management team took over, all the projects I had been hired to do were canceled immediately. Shortly thereafter, I was assigned several new projects somewhat outside my stated skillsets. I was given minimal instructions on what management wanted from these projects. There was very little instruction on the expected outcomes other than the type of asset I was working on. No examples of previous assets were provided to understand the quality or concept behind the asset that I was creating. In some cases, there was no due date given with the project, just “soon” for when the project is due. My direct manager had been removed in the first six weeks I was with the company, and once a new manager was placed, I was removed within about six weeks.

It’s been a very frustrating year, and I want to find a role with much less drama.