About Me

Tony DeGonia

Tony DeGonia

The Architect

For more than 30 years, Tony has used his passion for cybersecurity to fuel his knowledge and proven success as a security consultant and solution architect. Throughout his career, including his current role as principle technical product marketing manager at Alert Logic. Tony compliments his marketing background with comprehensive expertise in multiple technology domains including: cyber, cloud, networking, and physical (IP/CCTV) security.

Solution Architect 90%
Sales Engineer 97%
Marketer 85%
Leader 93%
Entrepreneur 80%
Trainer 98%

Tony is customer centric. Whenever I had a complex or sophisticated customer, I’d bring Tony in first. He has such a customer-centric mindset, he could put them at ease, answer all their questions and add value by suggesting ideas they had not thought of. He has a great skill of building trust with the customer.

Patrick Robinson

AT&T Cybersecurity Sales Director, SLED (Retired)