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Highly proficient, knowledgeable and motivated Sales Engineer with a successful track record of sales success across 2 decades. Motivated professional who excels at delivering quality service while exceeding revenue benchmarks on a consistent basis. Well versed in multiple security domains including, cyber, cloud, networking and physical (IP/CCTV). Equally comfortable installing and deploying cutting edge technology, negotiating sales contracts from SMB to Large Enterprise or speaking/training on an advanced technology subjects to an audience of 400 or more. I am available for immediate employment either via W2 or 1099. If you are a client and would like to contract my services as a consultant please contact me via email or telephone and we can discuss the issues and my rates at that time. Thank you for visiting my website.

My Credo for Life

Living a #BeastModeLife

That means living life all out for what you love and believe in. Doing what you have to do and wanting to do it. Living life to the fullest. Being awesome because you are awesome. But mostly it's about having a confidence that is unshakable in everything you do. It's about knowing that no matter the situation you've got what it takes, even if secretly you're not sure. The world may be tough but when you are living a #beastmodelife you are tougher more resilient with a never say die attitude. #BeastModeLife is not a club you join or a group with a membership or dues.  There are no meetings to go to and we don't ask you to quite anything. #BeastModeLife is a state of mind, a way of living your life that means you never quit, never give up, never back down. #BeastModeLife is not just for winners it's for those who have never won before but in spite of a losing record keep showing up and playing the game because they know that if they work hard enough, practice long enough and give it all they have then victory will be theirs. #BeastModeLife is for those of us with our backs against the  wall. Those of us who when we finally win the taste of victory will taste so sweet. One victory is all it takes to drive us to excellence, One win, one new job, one compliment, one new friend. Someone to care. That is the #BeastModeLife.

Let's all live a #beastmodelife, it's not and exclusive lifeEveryone can join in so let's do it together.

See you down the road.

Years of Sales Engineering Experience

Years of Sales/Business Experience

How Soon Until I Get a New Job?

I have been unemployed since -February 12, 2018
161 days ago.

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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6 New International Version (NIV)


I write and curate articles for this site that I think may be helpful, educational and even some that are original works. I am also a published author of a number of articles on different technology subjects, not just through my own website but through nationally know channels as well. I have also been quoted for numerous articles as a subject matter expert in the fields of Managed Services and Cloud Services.

We’re Doing Security Wrong!

When you simply heap technology onto a system, you limit your hiring pool and spread your employees too thin. Focus on your people instead. If your company produces gadgets that improve cybersecurity, brace yourself. No matter how much we spend on your next great solution, it won’t be good enough. There’s still one thing we […]

2017 Verizon DBIR – Human Perspective

The 2017 Verizon DBIR (Data Breach Investigations Report) is out.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, this is THE data driven report that helps you better understand threats and what are the leading causes of incidents / breaches. The report is important as it provides a trusted resource to help you make data driven decisions on what you […]

Applying Security Awareness to the Cyber Kill Chain

The term “kill chain” is a term used originally by the military to define the steps the enemy uses to attack a target.  In 2011 Lockheed Martin released a paper defining a “Cyber Kill Chain”.  Similar in concept to the military, this paper defines the steps used by cyber attackers in today’s cyber based attacks.  The theory […]

An open letter to…. Everyone. I hope you enjoy.

Hello to all of my friends, associates and those who don’t know me well but decided to share a few minutes of your life to read a little bit about mine. I want to talk to you for just a second. First, let’s put aside all the Beast Mode Life and Beast Mode Security stuff […]

Microsoft July Security Updates Mostly Browser-Related

Patch Tuesday includes 53 security updates, including mitigation for the latest side-channel attack. Microsoft issued a range of security patches today, including its anticipated exploit-mitigation update for the so-called Lazy FP State Restore vulnerability in Intel microprocessors. Intel late last month disclosed Lazy FP State Restore (CVE-2018-3665), the latest speculative execution side-channel vulnerability to be discovered since […]

The Best Job Hunting Advice I Have Ever Received

I went to a Veteran’s Job Event and the lessons I learned will change my life and yours too. I have been in the job market for 152 days at the time this article was written. As you could expect, being unemployed for 152 days, I have applied to a lot of companies. In fact, […]

The OSI model explained: How to understand (and remember) the 7 layer network model

By Keith Shaw Network World | DEC 4, 2017 11:09 AM PT A tutorial on the Open Systems Interconnection networking reference model and tips on and how to memorize the seven layers When most non-technical people hear the term “seven layers”, they either think of the popular Super Bowl bean dip or they mistakenly think about the seven […]

Ethical Hacking Methodology Explained

Mario Worwell Information Technology Consultant | Network Engineer | IT Security | Fitness Blogger Ethical Hacking You’re probably familiar with the term “hacking,” which refers to gaining unauthorized access to data within a computer or network system. Hacking is illegal and can harm the system it’s targeted, but there is also something called “ethical hacking,” […]

Reactive or Proactive? Making the Case for New Kill Chains

7/6/2018 10:30 AM Ryan Stolte – Commentary Classic kill chain models that aim to find and stop external attacks don’t account for threats from insiders. Here what a modern kill chain should include. The kill chain model is not new to most security professionals. Created in 2011 by Lockheed Martin, the model highlights the seven stages […]

The Star Spangled Banner Story

When we think of the United States, we immediately think of the Star Spangled Banner, the country’s national anthem. Who has not heard of the Star Spangled Banner? Even non-Americans are familiar with its tune. But how did the story of the Star Spangled Banner begin? How did it get to be the national anthem? […]

History of the Fourth of July

Did you know New York City has the biggest fireworks display in the United States and that three U.S. presidents died on July 4? The Fourth of July – also known as Independence Day or July 4th – has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day […]

Depression, The VA and Suicide Prevention

Hello everyone, I am Tony DeGonia of “The Tony DeGonia Show” and I wanted to talk to you today about something that is very dear to my heart and that is our Veterans. Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard are the heartbeat of America. Just like many who serve today I come from […]

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