Tony DeGonia

Consultant - Cyber, Cloud, Networking and Physical

Highly proficient, knowledgeable and motivated Sales Engineer with a successful track record of sales success across 2 decades. Motivated professional who excels at delivering quality service while exceeding revenue benchmarks on a consistent basis. Well versed in multiple security domains including, cyber, cloud, networking and physical (IP/CCTV). Equally comfortable installing and deploying cutting edge technology, negotiating sales contracts from SMB to Large Enterprise or speaking/training on an advanced technology subjects to an audience of 400 or more. I am available for immediate employment either via W2 or 1099. If you are a client and would like to contract my services as a consultant please contact me via email or telephone and we can discuss the issues and my rates at that time. Thank you for visiting my website.

I am an IPCCTV Certified Engineer

I started with my new company on:May 14, 2018
12 days ago.

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11. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)

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I write and curate articles for this site that I think may be helpful, educational and even some that are original works. I am also a published author of a number of articles on different technology subjects, not just through my own website but through nationally know channels as well. I have also been quoted for numerous articles as a subject matter expert in the fields of Managed Services and Cloud Services.

2 Long years and I still wish I could have one more hug.

Dad. May 22, 2016 was a day I will never forget. It was one of the worst days of my life and one that still hurts when I think about it. It changed my life forever. It changed me, who I am, how I live my life and what I want to do with my […]

Evolving Chrome’s security indicators

Thursday, May 17, 2018 Previously, we posted a proposal to mark all HTTP pages as definitively “not secure” and remove secure indicators for HTTPS pages. HTTPS usage on the web has taken offas we’ve evolved Chrome security indicators. Later this year, we’ll be taking several more steps along this path. Users should expect that the web is safe […]

Santa Fe, Tx High School Shooting

 10 dead, 13 injured in shooting at Santa Fe High School A 17-year-old carrying a shotgun and a revolver opened fire at a Houston-area high school Friday, killing 10 people, most of them students, authorities said. Thirteen people were confirmed to be injured during the shooting. The shooting was the nation’s deadliest such attack […]

New Mexico Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Directing Computer Attacks Against Websites of Dozens of Victims and Felon-In-Possession Charges

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs A New Mexico man was sentenced today in St. Paul, Minnesota, for directing computer attacks against the websites of his prior employers, business competitors and public services, and felon-in-possession of a firearm charges.  Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division; United […]

Get Ready for ‘WannaCry 2.0’

Another widespread worm attack is \”inevitable,\” but spreading a different more lucrative or destructive payload, experts say. They\’re still out there, pinging away for vulnerable Server Message Block (SMB) services in order to find a way in. One year after the historic and massive WannaCry ransomware attack unleashed by nation-state hackers from North Korea, an […]

The Benefits And Challenges Of Radiometric Thermal Technology

Temperature Measurement or Radiometry is a technology that can provide benefits in a wide range of applications. Thermal cameras that employ temperature measurement features have enabled organizations to deploy solutions for security and protection, as well as predictive maintenance, cost effectiveness, firefighting support, game management, and search and rescue. Defining Temperature Measurement Temperature Measurement can […]

Richard Valderrama to Avigilon | BriefCam To Be Acquired By Canon Inc. | Arecont Vision to Shed Debt Burden Through Chapter 11 Sale

I want to say congratulations to for my good friend Richard Valderrama for being named  Regional Sales Manager, Access Control, Florida, Georgia & Caribbean at Avigilon. Richard was previously a Regional Sales Manager at IndigoVision where he and I worked closely together to build his territory in Florida, Georgia and South and North Carolina. I wish Richard the very […]

The Future is About the Business, Not the Technology

There has been plenty of change throughout the evolution of information technology. Now it’s time for the corporate world to catch up and reshape how they do business and serve their customers. A common way of looking at the future of technology is to focus on unit sales, installed bases, or revenue estimates. Kicking off […]

Mother’s Day Turns 100: Its Surprisingly Dark History

Anna Jarvis was the driving force behind the first Mother’s Day observances in 1908. PHOTOGRAPH BY BETTMANN, CORBIS Born of war, Mother’s Day grew to horrify its own mother, whose fight to fix the holiday “cost her everything, financially and physically.” By Brian Handwerk, for National Geographic PUBLISHED MAY 9, 2014 As Mother’s Day turns 100 this year, […]

8 Ways Hackers Monetize Stolen Data

Hackers are craftier than ever, pilfering PII piecemeal so bad actors can combine data to set up schemes to defraud medical practices, steal military secrets and hijack R&D product information. Create a Repository of the Stolen Data Hackers start by taking an inventory of what was stolen. They will look through the stolen data files […]

SynAck Ransomware Gets Dangerous ‘Doppleganging’ Feature

New Process Doppelganging, obfuscation features makes the malware much harder to spot and stop. The authors of the SynAck ransomware family appear to have found a way to make the malware considerably more dangerous for enterprises. Kaspersky Lab this week reported discovering a new version of SynAck that uses a very sophisticated technique called Process […]

Mayville’s previous position — director of the Joint Staff — is often considered a stepping stone to four-star command positions. The issue of separating from NSA from Cyber Command and elevating Cyber Command is viewed by officials in DoD and Congress as two distinct issues. [4 Cyber Command storylines to watch for in 2018] Officials have noted in the past that the item currently pacing the elevation of Cyber Command to a full command is the Senate’s confirmation of a new leader, but there is no formal timeline for that nomination. From Congress’s view, the staffer said, it’s unclear what DoD’s timelines are regarding splitting the dual hat, if there’s a timeline at all. The staffer added that Congressional officials have not seen the same sense of urgency surrounding this issue from the Trump administration to split the NSA and Cyber Command as exhibited by the Obama administration. Members aren’t pushing for a rapid separation of the dual hat, the staffer noted. Instead, they want to make sure the split is done in a cautions and meaningful way, which is the intention of last year’s defense authorization bill. Defense News reporter Joe Gould contributed to this report.

US elevates the role of Cyber Command

Cyberwarfare is now as important as conventional war… in theory. After months of talk and planning, US Cyber Command is now just as important as the rest of the Pentagon’s commands — at least, on paper. The military has officially elevated its cyberwarfare division to a “unified command” that operates independently of the NSA. It’s not a complete split. […]

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