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Consultant - Cyber, Cloud, Networking and Physical

Highly proficient, knowledgeable and motivated Sales Engineer with a successful track record of sales success across 2 decades. Motivated professional who excels at delivering quality service while exceeding revenue benchmarks on a consistent basis. Well versed in multiple security domains including, cyber, cloud, networking and physical (IP/CCTV). Equally comfortable installing and deploying cutting edge technology, negotiating sales contracts from SMB to Large Enterprise or speaking/training on an advanced technology subjects to an audience of 400 or more. I am available for immediate employment either via W2 or 1099. If you are a client and would like to contract my services as a consultant please contact me via email or telephone and we can discuss the issues and my rates at that time. Thank you for visiting my website.

My Credo for Life

Living a #BeastModeLife

That means living life all out for what you love and believe in. Doing what you have to do and wanting to do it. Living life to the fullest. Being awesome because you are awesome. But mostly it's about having a confidence that is unshakable in everything you do. It's about knowing that no matter the situation you've got what it takes, even if secretly you're not sure. The world may be tough but when you are living a #beastmodelife you are tougher more resilient with a never say die attitude. #BeastModeLife is not a club you join or a group with a membership or dues.  There are no meetings to go to and we don't ask you to quite anything. #BeastModeLife is a state of mind, a way of living your life that means you never quit, never give up, never back down. #BeastModeLife is not just for winners it's for those who have never won before but in spite of a losing record keep showing up and playing the game because they know that if they work hard enough, practice long enough and give it all they have then victory will be theirs. #BeastModeLife is for those of us with our backs against the  wall. Those of us who when we finally win the taste of victory will taste so sweet. One victory is all it takes to drive us to excellence, One win, one new job, one compliment, one new friend. Someone to care. That is the #BeastModeLife.

Let's all live a #beastmodelife, it's not and exclusive lifeEveryone can join in so let's do it together.

See you down the road.

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Bible verse of the day

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.


I write and curate articles for this site that I think may be helpful, educational and even some that are original works. I am also a published author of a number of articles on different technology subjects, not just through my own website but through nationally known channels as well. I have also been quoted for numerous articles as a subject matter expert in the fields of Managed Services and Cloud Services.

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Ethical Standards for Artificial Intelligence are Important. Here’s Why

Mauro Guillen Director at Lauder Institute   Artificial intelligence (AI) relies on big data and machine learning for myriad applications, from autonomous vehicles to algorithmic trading, and from clinical decision support systems to data mining. The availability of large amounts of data is essential to the development of AI. Given China’s large population and business […]

Cyberwar: What happens when a nation-state cyber attack kills?

By Danny Palmer | July 24, 2018 — 10:00 GMT (03:00 PDT) | Topic: Security A cyber attack that kills someone is getting ever more likely. What happens then is a big — and scary –question. The increasing sophistication and power of state-backed cyber attacks has led some experts to fear that, sooner or later, by design or by accident, one of […]

Army cyber swears in first direct commissioned officers, more to come

By Sean Kimmons, Army News ServiceJuly 12, 2018 FORT GORDON, Ga. — Army Cyber Command plans to add more direct commissioned officers after its first two were recently sworn in as part of a five-year pilot to bolster the emerging force. Since October, almost 250 applicants have applied for the Cyber Direct Commissioning Program, which […]

Coming Tuesday – August 7, 2018 – Omari Broussard Interview.

Don’t Miss This Interview with a true Hero’s Hero. His excellent and exciting Navy career lasted over 3 generations and left him with knowledge of how to protect himself that he could not in good conscience, not share with others. This will be one of the best interviews yet on The Tony DeGonia Show – […]


Temperature Measurement or Radiometry is a technology that can provide benefits in a wide range of applications. Thermal cameras that employ temperature measurement features have enabled organizations to deploy solutions for security and protection, as well as predictive maintenance, cost effectiveness, firefighting support, game management, and search and rescue. Defining Temperature Measurement Temperature Measurement can […]

The Internal Cyber Kill Chain Model

Figure A. In military parlance, a “Kill Chain” is a phase-based model to describe the stages of an attack, which also helps inform ways to prevent such attacks. These stages are referred to as: Find Fix Track Target Engage Assess Ideally, the further towards the beginning of the Kill Chain an attack can be stopped, […]

Friday Podcast – Lannister Holdings, Inc. – BlockChain in Real Estate.

Joseph Snyder:- A serial entrepreneur for over fifteen years, in his early twenties, Joseph Snyder started his career in real estate, then began working in risk management, where he built an agency into 32 states that serves thousands of clients. That was just the beginning of his business success. Now, Joseph is the CEO of […]

What is the Blockchain – part 5 – ICOs and DAOs

The Blockchain has the potential to completely change our societies. However, it is still a nascent technology, one which can be difficult to grasp. Therefore, I am writing a series of blog posts on what is the blockchain. This is part 5 and the final blog post of this series. The first blog post was a generic introduction […]

What is the Blockchain – part 4 – Transactions and Smart Contracts

Blockchain is rapidly gaining attention from organisations in every industry. However, it is a difficult to understand technology that, if not executed correctly could result in serious harm for your organisation. Therefore, in this series of posts on the blockchain, I explain what the Blockchain is and how it affects your organisation. The first part was […]

What is the Blockchain – part 2 – and Why It Will Change Our World

For the tech-savvy people among us, the Blockchain might be nothing new and it may be clear that it will have a big impact on the world. However, for many people, the Blockchain is still a mystery, a puzzle or an unknown unknown. Therefore, in a series of posts, I share with you what the Blockchain is, how it […]

What is the Blockchain and Why is it So Important?

Blockchain is growing in importance. Increasingly organisations have to explore what this revolutionary technology will mean for their business. Marc Andreessen from the well-known VC firm Andreessen Horowitz calls it as big an invention as the internet. Last year, in my Big Data Trends prediction for 2016, I already foresaw that 2016 would become the year of the Blockchainand […]

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