AT&T Launches New Managed Cybersecurity Services Business LevelBlue

LevelBlue, a new WillJam Ventures and AT&T joint venture, provides various managed cybersecurity services.

Called LevelBlue, the AT&T Cybersecurity spinoff provides cybersecurity services such as consulting, continuous security operations center (SOC) support, managed security services, and threat intelligence.

With 1,000 employees worldwide, LevelBlue can help organizations identify cybersecurity priorities, design a secure computing environment, optimize network security, proactively identify cyber risks, and take preventive measures to protect critical assets.

Additionally, the company can implement plans to increase security operations efficiency, identify costs and complexity impacting business outcomes, help businesses adapt and scale, and extend security teams for more insight.

The company also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, and delivers real-time threat intelligence by applying artificial intelligence to security data harnessed from multiple sources, for more accurate decision making.

Backed by the Open Threat Exchange (OTX), a community of over 235,000 professionals that AT&T obtained when it acquired AlienVault in 2018, LevelBlue’s threat intelligence platform can proactively identify threats and help accelerate detection and response.

“LevelBlue’s comprehensive technology and service portfolio simplifies cybersecurity for the businesses that fuel our global economy. With cyber threats making headlines daily and impacting businesses of all types and sizes, LevelBlue’s experienced team and always-on services make governance, planning, resource allocation, and innovation easier than ever – without sacrificing security,” LevelBlue CEO Bob McCullen said.

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