Jimbob’s Towing and Wrecker Service

Security Redesign and Upgrade

Jimbob's Towing and Wrecker Service



Summary of Challenges

This network design and proposal, crafted for a fictitious towing company by a Dallas-based technology firm, was originally conceived as part of an interview process in 2017. Interestingly, during the presentation to the Senior Sales Director, there was a humorous misunderstanding where he mistook my preparation for a potential venture into entrepreneurship. It took some convincing to assure him that the presentation was solely for the interview and not indicative of any personal business aspirations. Once clarified, he appreciated the presentation and nearly extended an offer on the spot.

Adding to the intrigue, I initially lost out on the job to another sales engineer, finishing as a very close second. However, fate intervened when the selected candidate abruptly withdrew on the eve of his start date, prompting the company to restart the hiring process. Seizing the opportunity, I performed strongly in the subsequent rounds of interviews and was ultimately offered the position. It’s worth noting that I did make it to my first day of work, located in Florida, ready to embark on this new chapter.

Solution Drawings