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I was afforded the opportunity during my time at IBM Security to attend the Cisco Live 2023 Conference. One of the activities Cisco planned for their guests was a concert at Allegiant Stadium to celebrate all the hard work. To our surprise, we got a world-class show Cisco Live 2023 – Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas – featuring Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Now I know that Cisco Live is not the biggest conference out there…

But it was by far the most incredible conference I have ever attended, bar none. They offered 100’s of training and CPE credits, certification boot camps with tests immediately afterward, and about anything a cybersecurity or networking junkie could want. Then, when you look around, you see a sea of booths from every major manufacturer in the IT, cybersecurity, or cloud industries. The vibe on the floor was unbelievable. But the real kicker was on Wednesday night, Cisco invited 35,000 people to Allegiant Stadium for a little celebration.

This was unreal as well because every concession stand was packed with every kind of stadium food you could imagine and the beer, oh the beer was everywhere.

To top it all off, it was all paid for by Cisco. Amazing. Then as 35,000 of our closest friends were all sitting around the stadium waiting to see who the entertainment for the night was, suddenly discover it was Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, hired to play a 4 hour show just for Cisco and their guests.

They put on a show to write home about.

I have never seen Blake or Gwen in concert but have been a huge fan of both for forever. I love Gwen, but Blake is the man. I know all his songs and can sing the verbatum at the drop of a hat. He is my redneck. I have created a photogallery with all the pictures I took at the concert and will be releasing a short video of the concert as soon as I can put all the video clips together. I hope up enjoy these pics and videos as much as I enjoyed getting them. Ya’ll enjoy and we’ll talk to you soon.

Tony DeGonia