Places I've Been.

Traveling for work is a perk many people see more as a curse than a blessing. However, I had an entire 20-year career where I never left the city I worked in as a telecom and data services technician and engineer. As internet connectivity evolved and my career evolved I started expanding my horizons and doing different things. I had always wanted to sell but was just a bit afraid to jump in with both feet. In 2007, I founded a company called Exceptional Technology Solutions. As we grew I was appointed COO, CTO and Sr. Vice President. During that time is when I started to travel a bit for work and caught the travel bug. I have always loved to travel, it doesn’t matter what for either. It feels very natural for me to drive to the airport in the morning, go out and visit upto 10 cities in a week, fly back, hop in the truck and drive back to my little piece of property out in East Texas. That is the life I love to lead.

Below is a list of work based trips I have taken over the years from tradeshow, conferences and customer meetings for the different companies I have worked for.: