The Target Breach – Demystified

In December 2013 over 40 million credit cards were stolen from nearly 2000 Target stores by accessing data on point of sale (POS) systems. This paper will explore known issues in the Target reach and consider some of the Critical Controls that could have been used to both prevent this breach and mitigate losses.

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The 6 Riskiest Social Media Habits to Avoid at Work

Kelly Sheridan Slideshows – Connect Directly Cybercriminals are turning to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to launch attacks via employee behavior that could be putting your business at risk. Oversharing sensitive information Most people don’t think twice about the personal information they make publicly available. Social media accounts are “a treasure trove” of birthdates, education histories, […]


Stuxnet Name Origin The original name given by VirusBlokAda was “Rootkit.Tmphider”; Symantec however called it “W32.Temphid”, later changing to “W32.Stuxnet“. Its current nameis derived from a combination of some keywords in the software (“.stub” and “mrxnet.sys”). What is a Zero Day attack? A zero–day exploit is an attack that exploits a previously unknown security vulnerability. A zero–day attack is also sometimes defined as an attack that […]

IndigoVision Releases The Latest Version Of Their Security Management Solution

IndigoVision announces a product release that allows users to maximize their security systems potential. This release includes the latest version of their Security Management Solution Control Center, a new cyber-security innovation CyberVigilant® in Camera, the Integra™ all in one device, and three additional products which strengthen their existing security offering. IndigoVision’s Control Center has long been regarded in the industry […]

Small Business Guide and Infographics PDF Downloads

    Cyber Security: Small Business Guide (PDF Version) NCSC Glossary Cyber Security: Small Business Guide (Infographic) A summary of low cost, simple techniques that can improve cyber security within your organisation. This advice has been produced to help small businesses protect themselves from the most common cyber attacks. The 5 topics covered are easy […]

Avoiding phishing attacks

Steps to help you identify the most common phishing attacks. In a typical phishing attack, scammers send fake emails to thousands of people, asking for sensitive information (such as bank details), or containing links to bad websites. They might try to trick you into sending money, steal your details to sell on, or they may […]

Using passwords to protect your data

5 things to keep in mind when using passwords. Your laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones will contain a lot of your own business-critical data, the personal information of your customers, and also details of the online accounts that you access. It is essential that this data is available to you, but not available to unauthorised […]

Keeping your smartphones (and tablets) safe

5 quick tips that can help keep your mobile devices (and the information stored on them) secure. Mobile technology is now an essential part of modern business, with more of our data being stored on tablets and smartphones. What’s more, these devices are now as powerful as traditional computers, and because they often leave the […]

Protecting your organization from malware

5 free and easy-to-implement tips that can help prevent malware damaging your organisation. Malicious software (also known as ‘malware’) is software or web content that can harm your organisation, such as the recent WannaCry outbreak. The most well-known form of malware is viruses, which are self-copying programs that infect legitimate software. This section contains 5 free […]

Backing up your data

5 things to consider when backing up your data. Think about how much you rely on your business-critical data, such as customer details, quotes, orders, and payment details. Now imagine how long you would be able to operate without them. All businesses, regardless of size, should take regular backups of their important data, and make sure […]