About Me.

The About Me page is inspired by a post I saw on LinkedIn by Julia Chong Below is the post that motivated me to write my About Me based on the tips for branding that she wrote in this post. I was so impressed with it all that I began to write my About Me based solely on her post. Of course, I changed it slightly to make it an About Me page versus the branding for a company. So I hope you like it and it gives you a bit more insight into me.

It's All About Great Design

I am a hardworking, thorough, lifetime learner who is looking for a new role in which I can utilize my years of experience and training. Traditionally I have worked in roles such as Sales Engineer or Solution Architect. I have strong design skills and believe that all issues can be resolved through good solid design. Once a strong design is developed implementation becomes a matter of following directions on a map. Good design also makes updating, troubleshooting and documentation easier. Everything in life surrounds design, your life, your possessions, your day to day grind is all by design.

Depending on who does your design and what principles, architecture and framework they use will depend on how your project or life turns out. Great design also leaves the door open for great add-ons and supplementary options. The care that is taken to design a solution is directly relative to the outcome of the solution and how well it works as well as how long it lasts. That same care will determine how well a solution fits the needs of the person or customer the design is made for.

The greatest thing about this is that great design covers every aspect of life and business at every age and every stage from inception to completion. Great design is where it all starts and ends.

What Is My Passion?

I have a couple of real passions in my life. Personally, my family is my passion. Taking care of them and giving them everything they need. NOT everything they want. That is foolish and develops entitlement in children. But no child should go without things they need, food and shelter etc... I am passionate about my family as any good father and husband should be.

In sport, I have been passionate about soccer (football) to most of the world. I played until I was 36 years old. I got the chance to play in England and Alaska, winning the Alaska State Championship twice in the Alaska Premier League. I love to coach and I still love to play though I can't quite move like I used to. I love to watch soccer, I know, I know, it is the most boring sport in the world to watch but that goes back to beautiful design, that is why soccer is called the beautiful game. To watch the ebb and flow of great players as they move the ball up and down the field ultimately depositing the ball in the back of the opponents net. GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL...

Finally, I am passionate about business. I am a technophile, to say the least, and love learning about the bleeding edge of technology. I am especially passionate about Cyber Security. I can't learn enough, study enough, practice enough, read enough or speak enough about Cyber Security. Yet I have barely scratched the surface. I want to go out and get every possible certification there is out there for Cyber Security. On the other hand, I am passionate about teaching. I love teaching prospective clients about technology and the things they need to know to make educated buying decisions. I am passionate about public speaking, teaching, or "singing it from the mountaintop" as I used to call it when I was running the MSP company out in Tyler. Every chance I got to get in front of people I was telling them about what was going on with the company. Some people call that Evangelism. I have been passionate about evangelism for a long time. Finally, I am passionate about the relationships I create with prospects and clients because those relationships create business and that is what we all work for isn't it. I don't take business lightly. In this day and age business is my sport my love for the score is as strong in business as it ever was when I was a soccer player and coach. As passionate as I am about winning, I am twice as passionate about NOT losing. I hate losing more than anything else in this world.

Now you understand my passion just a little bit better.

What Is My Purpose?

Does anyone really know their purpose in life? Only every so often does someone find what they are designed to do with their life and usually, that is by happenstance. I think if people looked at how their life was designed and took a much more active role in the design of their life they not only would they find their purpose, they would live their purpose, be their purpose and truly have the meaning of life. I think everyone's life means something unique to them and that there is no one, single meaning of life, other than to live it to your fullest. So my purpose is to live life to it's fullest, be an active member in the design of my life so that I have some input into how it all turns out. I do believe in an All Mighty Creator and his name is GOD and HIS SON is Jesus Christ. I believe that while Christ has a hand in my life, he also allows me the free will to help in the design of my own life. Of course, I believe that Jesus charts a course for me and wants me to follow HIS will. I believe that HE helps me along the way. Carries me when I am weak, take care of me when I am weary and calms me when I am upset. I do believe that I control the design of my life and I have asked GOD to come into my life and help me with it. I am not saying that it is easy, most of the time for me, giving up control of my life to an all-knowing, unseen, unheard, all-powerful creator of everything in Heaven and on Earth. But I do my best daily to remember that I invited him in, and gave him control, for the salvation of my soul.

My purpose in life is to live in God's Will, Love my Family and take care of them, be the best I can be at whatever business I am blessed to work in.

Why Do I Do The Things I Do?

Does anyone know why they do the things that they do? Who knows... Seriously

No for real. I do the things I do base on a couple of things.

  1. I have significant experience in life and business. I draw on that experience daily and while I am not always right I am usually in the ballpark of being right. This is on a case by case basis of course and some things I just have no experience with, in those cases, I pursue the answer from sources that do know.
  2. I try to take every situation in at face value and then work my way down. Most situations are dictated by factors that the average person knows nothing about. However, if you look at the situation, the design, the people involved, the people not involved, use some intuition and you will find out more information about a situation by asking well-placed questions and being quiet then all the bluster in the world will ever get you. I take things slowly, quietly and listen more than I talk, that way when I do talk, I have all the information I can have to make an impact. Even if I don\'t have every detail right, I will be close enough to affect the design of a situation and make a real impact, whether in business, personal life or anything really.

That is what I do the things I do. I hope it all makes sense now.