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In the day and age of COVID-19, we have witnessed a transformation of the way we work. If I were asked before March of 2020 how long it would take to make the progress in digital and security transformation that we as a society have made in the last 9 months, I would have guessed...5 questions every higher-ed security leader should askTony DeGoniaCybersecurity
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Hey Friends, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition Professionals.Thanks for visiting my website. Please feel free to check out my resume′, portfolio or one of the many industry related articles I have published on the website.

Prayer for Job Seekers

Prayer for Job Seekers


I want to welcome you to my home on the internet.

The purpose of my website is to showcase my personal and professional experience. There may be some unique content on this website that does not interest you, but you will find a vast amount of professional information that engages and impresses you greatly.

Website Security

Please note that not all content is open to the public, especially around my professional portfolio. Much of it is sterilized demonstrations of my capabilities, and some of it is not entirely sterilized, so to protect those past clients from the open internet, my website has an IAM (identity and access management) utility behind it to allow those who are approved to access all of the allowable content.

Registration is Free

Registration is free, and you will get access to all the content on the currently protected website. You will find some great information about Cybersecurity design, creativity, and security in my portfolio, along with real-world examples of designing complex networking and security solutions for customers and personas that run the gambit, large and small customers across various industries and markets.

Constant Updates

I am constantly updating the website either for functionality or with new content. Check back often. I also send out regular announcements on LinkedIn and X fka Twitter. Please follow or connect with me via my social media accounts. Now that you know a little bit about me, it’s time to check out the website.



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Is you organization in need of a Senior Sales Engineer who can help your sales team close more efficient and effective?

You can check out my interactive resume or download a .pdf version of my resume, below. What will you find when you check out my resume? Tons of experience across the last 20+ years, entrepreneural experience, large companies and small. Click the button below if you would like to download my resume.

Reference Letter

Reference from Patrick Robinson

Here you will find a letter of reference from my former Director at AT&T, Pat Robinson, Director of Application Sales, Cybersecurity.

Pat and I were initially co-workers and sold many great deals together across the State of Texas. He was then promoted to Director and I was assigned  to report directly to Pat when I was on the Public Sector and Firstnet Team. Click the button below to see what Pat had to say about my performance.

Reference Letter

Reference from Gary Tryon

Here you will find a letter of reference from my former Director at IndigoVision, Gary Tryon, Director of  Sales, Southeastern U.S.

Want to know how an autodidactic performs when being tasked with growing sales in the Southeastern, United States? Check out my reference from Gary Tryon. Working with Gary across the Southeastern US, we grew revenue in the region by over 300%.  Download the letter of reference below.

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